ZF025; 22K Yellow Gold & Silver Pendant, Malachite/Azurite with Tsavorite Garnets & Diamonds


ZF025; Zaffiro Azurite/Malachite Pendant; a sterling silver bamboo textured bar frame with an open back holds a natural and unusual Azurite/ Malachite stone measuring 54mm long by 11mm wide by 8.3mm deep and weighing 35cts held with four 22K prongs, six 22K bezels are randomly placed around the bezel holding four Tsavorite Garnets and two Diamonds, curving around the bottom are five 22K bezels holding five graduated Tsavorite Garnets, the sterling silver bamboo textured large triangular bail has four Diamonds set in 22K attaching to the pendant with 22K jump rings; total Tsavorite Garnet weight is .35cts and total Diamond weight is .09cts.

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